B2C / B2BC Service Platform

“agendabook” is a data exchange platform by on voting,
surveys, and my data based on Blockchain.

My data Exchange Platform based on Blockchain
  • Customized my data trading platform based on non-financial my data
  • An active survey platform that makes it easy and fun to participate and earn money
  • New product promotion and pre-market research platform through product reviews, product analysis, and preferences
  • Self-directed My Data Wallet that provides personal data sovereignty
  • Next-generation social media platform based on C2C through product preference, information, and reviews
  • New concept mobile-based MID security platform without personal information storage
  • Big data, A.I-based new target advertising platform
What is “agendabook”?

“agendabook” is a data exchange platform by on voting, surveys, and my data based on Blockchain.
agendabook’s 7 platform business areas are described below.

Diagram of My data Exchange Platform
My data Exchange
  • Creating added value by converting all of the customer's thoughts, knowledge, choices, and tastes into digital assets
  • Structure in which influencers and followers (customers) create profits together
  • Providing customized data to advertisers
  • Provides new stories and content every day, fun and experience where one's digital assets accumulate (cash)
  • Application in which information, knowledge, and thoughts become money (asset)
  • Asset platform without worrying about anonymity through non-financial data and leakage of personal information
Surveys Platform App
  • Participate in a step-by-step (revenue weighted, daily, divided) survey so that survey participants do not get bored
  • Profit-sharing survey platform to induce active participation of survey participants
  • Survey participants and advertisers are directly connected, and survey result data is directly checked in real time.
  • A quick and cheerful money-making app where cash (points or coins) is accumulated immediately after filling out a questionnaire
  • Survey target accuracy through survey level, survey participation, reliability, and basic information
  • Interesting screen composition (UI), operability (UX) to encourage participation in surveys more actively
New product promotion and
pre-market research platform
  • A market research platform that preliminarily researches the preferences and interests of new products through product comparison (A vs B)
  • New product launch preference survey (push message to specific group through targeting)
  • Prior preference survey platform through various products and person comparison
  • Request for product comparison through an influencer (request for product comparison and analysis, review by a famous influencer group)
  • Providing a list of products (advertisers) for voluntary participation of influencer groups
  • Processing and providing various data through preference and product comparison (advertiser)
Self-Sovereign My Data Platform
Based on Decentralized
  • Safe Box for personal digital assets (passwords, Bank accounts, car information, Credit card, etc.)
  • Safe storage of important files, images, etc. (decentralized data storage)
  • ‘AVATAR’ creation and management by storing personal preferences, preferences, and sensitive information based on anonymity
  • Realization and Security of Personal Data Self Sovereign
  • Provides and controls anonymous-based financial information (when API is interlocked) (however, when government My Data provider is selected)
  • Various identification cards through DID (Decentralized ID), other identification data wallet
Next Generation
Social Media Platform
  • Product information community such as SNS-based product comparison, product review, new product usage period, etc.
  • Launching of new products and preliminary market research through new product reviews (opening period)
  • Rapid information dissemination based on SNS, product trust and merits, and promotion platform
  • Creation and spread of new contents through short answer type, questionnaire type, and confrontation type (one-to-one product and person comparison)
  • Influencer group management and advertiser connection platform in each field
  • Interworking with various SNS Tools
Mobile ID (MID)
security platform
  • Anonymity protection through MID, secure ID without storing personal information
  • Provide a more honest and detailed data collection environment through anonymity
  • Secure reliability through evaluation / level / proof of participants on an anonymous basis
  • Expansion of authentication business using 2FA and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Super easy signup for Google, KakaoTalk, Line, Naver, etc. (1 click, 1 second sign-up process)
  • Decentralized ID system for data recovery (inducing update by level)
Target advertising
/ Voting / Survey platform
  • Detailed classification of participants and detailed target setting through various anonymous data pools
  • Induce continuous data updates and provide benefits from participants' first sign-up
  • Advertiser charge charge & real-time survey and provision of advertisement platform that can check data
  • Providing push messages and surveys to real-time participants (customers), and participant data to advertisers
  • Real-time data verification through push message (App) (advertiser)
  • Provision of various advertising products (new products, product comparison, influencer request, real-time survey, participant survey, etc.)
BaaSid Bridge & Payment System

BaaSid B&P is
a system that allows you to exchange points and mileage with BAAS and make payments

Exchange & payment system with BASS for partners
  • Provide BaaSid B&P service to all partners using BaaSid
  • Exchange BAAS with points and miles used on partner platforms
  • Supports BaaSid B&P API integration for payment in BaaSid marketplaces and payment in partner platforms with BAAS
  • Marketplace service to sell partner's goods and services
  • Supports BaaSid B&P API integration for partner platform payment
  • Points to BAAS, BAAS to cash through the exchange
  • Continuously develop escrow and necessary technology depending on the product being sold
What is “BaaSid B&P”?

BaaSid B&P is a system that allows you to exchange and pay for points and mileage
used on partner companies' platforms with BAAS.

Diagram of BaaSid B&P system
  • Swap partner's points, mileage, and tokens with BAAS
  • Provide services to users through BAAS charging
  • The bridge usage fee is free, and the exchange fee for the swap is borne by the exchanger
  • .Swap with partner tokens is available after listing on the exchange, and is an N:N exchange through exchange linkage.
  • Users convert their points to BAAS and exchange them for cash through the exchange
  • BAAS payment system service provided
  • Supports QR Cord, Bar Cord, Wallet Transfer by simple payment
  • Supports BAAS payment system API for payment on partner platforms, apps, etc..
  • Operated by smart contract
  • Partners link BaaSid and wallet when using BaaSid payment on the platform
  • Marketplace service for selling goods (services) of all partners using BaaSid
  • Easy product registration and management through dashboard
  • Marketplace usage fee is free, and payment amount is automatically transferred to the wallet linked with BaaSid (by smart contract)
  • Sharing BaaSid partner platform users with each other
  • In the future, it is planned to switch to an open marketplace in addition to partner companies.
Point system
  • Provide system when partners need points to use within their own platform
  • Bridge, payment, and market systems can be used after point creation is completed
  • BAAS can be used as points (by contract)
  • Easy management through dashboard support for point management
  • Support for customization for partner platforms
B2C / B2BC NFT Open Market Place

NFT open market place tokenized from making film of Drama, Music, Movie,
Show, TV Program, behind story of all the entertainment Contents

Tokenized open market place of entertainment contents
  • NFT-based Making Film, MOJOY, Tokenized Platform for Undisclosed Contents
  • New value added to undisclosed contents of music, movies, dramas, and TV programs
  • An open marketplace produced and uploaded by entertainment companies, broadcasters, entertainers, and stars.
  • Induce valuation and transaction activation of true NFT tokens through global fandom
  • Win Win platform that provides revenue to both NFT (Token) Sharing Owner & original IP Holders / Creator
  • A global marketing platform for content globalization, marketing, and promotion
  • Open Market Place such as auction, bidding, resale, collector, etc. with owner sharing (Not means Copy Rights)
What is “MOJOY”?

MOJOY combines the words MOJO + JOY. MOJO means a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy – Cambridge Dictionary. In the belief in magic, MOJO also represents "Magic Rock of Fortune."
MOJOY tends to bring "Fortune", "Success", and "Energy" to all users, and wishes to share joy with everyone.

Diagram of NFT Open Market Place

Blockchain technology has been booming worldwide and gaining in maturity, for that reason, MOJOY presents to you a Boundaryless Multi-fun NFT Marketplace.
To set MOJOY apart from other NFT marketplace, MOJOY delicates on building our blockchain ecosystem.
MOJOY partners with the best in their fields to jointly offer NFT Digital Art, Equity NFT, GameFi, etc.

In addition, MOJOY's cryptocurrency—MJOY Token will be used as a common currency in the MOJOY ecosystem, moving forward in the metaverse.



“Keep up with MOJOY. Exploring WEB 3.0: A New Era.”



MOJOY provides a one-stop service with an intergrated Blockchain experience, and leads you in exploring the beauty of Metaverse



MOJOY invites you to be part of the metaverse, to bond between you and your followers.

GameFi Adapter

GameFi Adapter was born to assist developers in creating GameFi games.
It aims to solve all GameFi-related blockchain technical problems for developers with a professional team and rich blockchain experience.
Combining the concepts of NFT, TOKEN, DeFi, exchanges and games, developers do not need to look for various blockchain development resources,
GameFi Adapter provides all module functions in the form of API, which is convenient for developers to connect smoothly and create the best solution for GameFi game interface.

GameFi Adapter