BaaSid develops various
blockchain solutions and cloud
We are working to develop APIs compatible with major clouds and make it easy for anyone to build decentralized Storage based on Cloud.
B2B Solutions & API / Cloud Service

BaaSId supports blockchain-based enterprise authentication and data storage APIs.
In addition, we provide various business support through B2B Cloud service.

    • Blockchain SaaS File Management and Access Control
    • Multi-layer Encryption Technology
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Data Storage Compliance with customized policies and flows
    • Blockchain Distributed Storage API integration Module
    • Suitable for Cloud and On-Premise
    • Blockchain L2 Solution for Enterprise
    • Blockchain Distributed ID Authentication API solution
    • Multi-Factor OTP Authentication
    • In-house development security module
    • Source data distributed in separate node
Decentralized Storage, Soteria

Blockchain SaaS File Management / Storage

  • File Management
    • Advanced Sharing Permissions
    • Data Policies Management
    • Workflow Automation
  • File / Access Control
    • File access limitations capability
    • Group permissions
    • Automated file destruction
    • Automated file conversion to PDF
  • Documentation and Tracking
    • Audit Trail Logs
    • Label Tagging
    • Record Chain Protection

BaaS Cloud ‘Soteria Space’ VS Market

Basic Features
    • File management
    • Distributed data storage
    • Notification settings
    • External sharing rights management
    • Internal access hierarchy settings
    • File operation monitoring
    • Audit logs
    • Cloud storage capabilities
    • Shared password settings
    • Edit online
    • Collaboration is enhanced
    • Audit logs
    • File management
    • Notification settings
    • External sharing rights management
    • Edit online
    • Audit logs
    • File management
    • Notification settings
    • External sharing rights management
    • Edit online
    • Audit logs
    • File management
    • Centralized device management
    • Notification settings
    • External sharing rights management
    • Audit logs
    • Local / Cloud
    • Local / Cloud
    • Cloud
    • Cloud
    • Cloud
Security Level
    • File fragmentation
    • Multi-encryption data processing
    • Blockchain Immutability
    • Document password lock
    • MFA Authentication
    • 2FA Authentication
    • AES-256 file encryption
    • Private key management
    • 2FA Authentication
    • AES-256 file encryption (Files at rest)
    • AES-128 file encryption (Files in-transit)
    • 2FA Authentication
    • AES-256 file encryption (Files in-transit and OneDrive Business) (No encryption for personal user)
    • 2FA Authentication
    • AES-256 file encryption
    • User action monitoring
    • File password lock

API intergration Module

  • Storage Integration
    • Setting up a VM on local storage or cloud environment(Dedicated / Shared)
  • App / System Integration
    • Supports different development environment
    • Simplified integration via API link up
  • File Fragmentation
    • No. of file fragments can be adjusted according to actual needs
  • 01 Front End

    User to save data
    on front end applications

  • 02 Integrated Soteria API

    Soteria integrated into
    backend system with
    BaaSid Core Engine

  • 03 Encryption + Split

    Encryption of file and
    fragmentation plus splitting
    of data to take place

  • 04 Index HASH

    Creation of
    Fragmentation Index Hash
    with high-speed computing

  • 05 Decentralized Storage

    Distribution of file splits
    and indexes into
    different nodes with backup


BlockChain Enabled
Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-verification authentication via biometric data
such as fingerprint, face ID or iris recognition
with the use of BlockChain to enhance data protection

  • Device Binding

    Secured by allowing only your own device, user IP and packets

  • BlockChain

    Prevention of Data Manipulation using transparent BlockChain

  • Data Storage

    Application of decentralized data storage system for original data

Use case & commercialized case of BaaSid Solutions & API

Introducing use cases using BaaSId's various APIs and Cloud Platform.

Diagram for commercialization of BaaSid
DID Project of Taiwanese Government

The three words "blockchain", AI, and 5G are undoubtedly one of the topics that have occupied the most scientific and technological forums in the past two years. Among them, the blockchain is the most mysterious. In the course of the market, the blockchain has always been equated with the investment of virtual currency, and the cases of fraud applied to it are endless.
In fact, in addition to being regarded by people in the technology industry as the second wave of revolution after the Internet, this novel technology of blockchain will have the opportunity to influence the business models of various industries in the future with its unprecedented technical characteristics. The life area of ​​the general public.
The sound of blockchain development urges the country to officially invest in resources to build.
As everyone knows, the National Development Council has long supported blockchain and other cutting-edge companies. It established the Taiwan Blockchain Alliance. Currently, it has included about 80 industry players, forming an industrial force that cannot be underestimated. At the same time, the establishment of a national-level blockchain has also begun to have a voice and legitimacy due to the introduction of the government and the needs of enterprises.

In addition, the specifications also require the addition of three application demonstrations of DID distributed identification service applications, hardware wallets, and cross-chain interoperability. With the national high-speed network center in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan, as well as the most powerful high-speed computing power in Taiwan, this will be the prototype of the long-awaited Taiwan national chain in the blockchain industry.
BaaSId developed and provided the DID system required by the Taiwanese government through its own self-authentication blockchain. We are planning to develop various systems in the future.

2FA, MFA Authenticator based on Blockchain & Decentralized Storage
About eXcel Drive & eXcel KEY

Decentralized Storage (eXcel Drive) provided by BaaSid to Hitachi operates on a cloud basis. eXcel Drive is a new brand in Hitachi's ICT field, providing a variety of customer services and BaaSId’s It is a security storage service built by providing 100% decentralized storage solutions. In addition, this decentralized storage technology provides innovative technology and security for data storage.
BaaSid's decentralized data storage processing technology without original copy, and one of the innovative data encryption and decryption technology. Data splitting maximizes the security of strong source data. Also, thousands of pieces of data are stored separately on each node. These stored pieces are reassembled and assembled through authentication. In this process, BaaSid's authentication technology is combined with decentralized storage to create stronger security synergy.

eXcel KEY Registration Flow

eXcel KEY Authentication Flow

Authentication Product
    • Authentication for login
    • Payment / Online Banking
    • shopping / Payment
    • EID / DID / Self sovereign Wallet
    • Authentication for entrance security
    • Visitor / IDC / Warehouse / etc.
    • ID E-Card / Membership E-Card
    • Check in / off time for work
    • Intranet / ERP access
    • Smart work
API interworking Compatible with Major clouds and fast and easy decentralized storage construction Decentralization of the data storage
and cloud storage services

BaaSid is currently registered in the Oracle internal market through a compatible API. In addition, by interlocking with AMAZON's S3 storage and compatible API, customers can use decentralized storage whenever they use AMAZON S3's cloud. New forms of decentralized storage services combined with cloud are implemented and serviced by building a user-oriented decentralized data storage that combines the existing cloud storage with a decentralized storage.

  • Data warehouse (Cold storage)
  • Data Backup & Restore
  • Archive & Block volume
  • Object storage & Data-at-rest
  • Enterprise cloud / Data protect
  • Cooperation in company
  • Smart office / Government
  • Big data store

De Storage has strategically adopted the compatible storage method which is compatible with existing cloud storages such as AWS, MS Azure, and Oracle, who are dominating the existing cloud market, thus allowing existing cloud customers to conveniently and stably access and use De Storage. This can enhance user convenience, accessibility, and work efficiency by using the powerful data fragmentation and physical distribution method of decentralized storage.
De Storage will continuously update its APIs to enhance compatibility with existing cloud storages and allow users to access and use its services as conveniently and easily as possible.
Sufficient time and solidarity are required to use the concept of decentralization in the existing centralized market. Therefore, De Storage needs to adopt a customization strategy to enable integration of its services on the existing architecture to enhance compatibility with the existing centralized IT infrastructures.

API interworking with Oracle Cloud and registration in the internal market Place

BaaSid has conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) with Oracle's US headquarters for the past 8 months. After passing the POC, it has been officially registered in Oracle's internal market, and is in progress with the goal of registering in the external market. By registering on Oracle Market, BaaSId can sell products to existing Oracle customers through BaaSid's API connect.

  • Oracle Storage

    Oracle offers Local NVMe SSD's and Block Volumes for File Storage for enterprise applications, Object Storage for internet accessible storage of unstructured data and Archive Storage for long term reliable archival.

    Current Usage Areas:

    • Archive/File/Object Storage
    • Block Volume Storage
    • Local NVMe SSD's Offering
    • Data-at-Rest Storage
  • AWS S3 Storage

    Object storage servers that offers industries to store and protect any amount of object data.

    Current Usage Areas:

    • Static Website Data / Mobile Application Data
    • Backup & Restore / Archive
    • Enterprise Application Data / IoT Data
    • Big Data Analytics (all object data!)
  • Microsoft Azure Blob

    Azure Storage is Microsoft's cloud storage solution for modern data storage scenarios. Azure Storage offers object storage for data. Blob storage is ideal for:

    Current Usage Areas:

    • Serving images or documents directly to a browser.
    • Storing files for distributed access
    • Data-at-Rest Storage
    • Big Data Accumulation