Strong authentication solution
Currently, data is protected through a variety of security equipment and solutions,
but it is lacking.
Currently, we live in a rapidly changing world, but the security environment has not changed
Times change, hackers are getting smarter, but security in the IT industry hasn't changed much over the past 20 years.
Global Cyber Crime Damage (2019)
  • 445 Billion USD
    Total Damage
    of Global Cyber Crime
  • 20 %
    Yearly Growth Rate
  • 90 %
    Customer Information Leakage Rate of each Successful Cyber Attack
  • 500 %
    Increase Compared
    to 2009
Current IT security Situation

Currently, compared to the rapid growth of IT, security is weak and has barely progressed in the last 10 years.

Hacking Attack
  • Hacker using big data & AI for hacking attack.
  • Many hacking tools can be easy find in dark web site.
  • There are many online financial service in the market.
Security Defense
  • The development of security technology has already limited.
  • Security costs are too expensive.
  • Security technology is mostly used through equipment.
Global Cyber Crime Damage (2019)
  • 30 Billion USD
    Yearly Spending in Access Control & Surveillance Market
  • 157 USD
    Average security costs per person
  • 3 Billion
    Number of personal information leaked in the last five years
  • 13 %
    Annual average growth rate (CAGR)
Global Threats and Data Breaches

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and uncomfortable about data collection in their day to day lives. As they continue to learn and become more informed about their data rights and how their data is being used, ever since there are reports on global breaches from BIG organizations.

Data Breach Statistics(in millions)
  • 39S

    Cyber Attacks

    Hacker attack of computers
    with internet access

  • 43%

    Cyber Attacks

    Targeting small business

  • 300%


    Reported cybercrimes since COVID-19

  • 197D

    Breach Discovery

    A company to discover breach and up to 69 days to contain it

  • 9.7M


    Healthcare record in September 2020 alone

  • 95%


    Cybersecurity due to human error