as a Service for identification
'BaaSid' is next generation security technology for
“Data security & security authentication” based on De-centralized & Blockchain.
No original data,
Don’t store data in Centralized
BaaSid’s technology is split the all the kind of data and store to each different nodes(Decentralized storage) only pieces of original data.

It’s an innovative security technology, and can be reduce the Hacker’s performance and profit, because the rate of return is significantly lower.
BaaSid’s technology highly scalable, including all IT-based data storage, iOT, Authentication for ID & finance & payment, and Fintech.
Mission Statement

BaaSid will achieve the most important positioning of security in the changing IT market.

  • Pain Points

    Concern of Data breaches towards both external and internal threats.

  • Mission

    In BaaSid, we strive to simplify Data Storage Security Management through BlockChain without intensive intervention of Data Security tools.

  • Protection

    Creating a safe and secured environment on how Data is managed and stored to meet Global Compliance

Create a paradigm for data security

Presenting a new paradigm for original data for authentication, all kinds of files and data.

Split Engine Data on personal information is encrypted, then split into thousands of small fragments after which a split ID with a characteristic value is created. At this time, the source is discarded and simply no longer exists anywhere. Distribution Engine The encrypted data fragments (Split ID) that were thoroughly split are then split and distributed to the fastest nodes (split block).
Technology & Business Area

BaaSid's technology strives to be used in a variety of solutions and business areas.

1. Authentication
Protect ID & PW

Safe and convenient to keep your own website, App username and password information, and allow users to access this information at any time.

Certification & 2FA authentication

Safe and convenient passwords keep all kinds of documents, certificates, etc. that you own, and allow users to access this information at any time.

Safe Payment by 2FA / MFA

Securely and conveniently keep all kinds of credit card information. Provide secure settlement.

Secure Documents
Document(Combine Authentication & Data)

Safe storage which allows access to a variety of legal and sensitive documents.

Chart & Private Information
Chart & Private information

Safely store hospital records and sensitive personal information and allow users to access this information at any time.

2. Decentralized Storage
Cloud Service

Provide ultra-secure decentralized Storage Cloud.

Disaster Recovery(DR)

Protect critical data, applications and IT systems in case of blackout.

Archive & Block Volume

Securely handle archive data to comply with Personal Data Protection Law.

Hash Box
Data Storage / Hash box

Data Storage Paradigm Dictionary or hash table used for data retrieval.

High Volumes
Object Storage & Data-at-rest

Tiered decentralized storage for files in high volumes.