BaaSLAB - Global Top Tier Company
in Data Security

Baaid has been proud to carve out the history of the global industry for many years, and has been constantly striving
for the needs of its customers and the changing times.
As a result, we meet solid partners such as Hitachi and NIBC to share their achievements. We have established BaaSLAB,
a research institute in korea, in 2018 and announced our official partnership with 2019 korean flectronics certification.

  • 2019

    • 04

      Announcement of CROSSCERT Partnership

      Signing of Supply Contract with Korea Association of Cloud Industry (KACI)

      Listing of BaaS Token on Cryptocurrency Trading platform “Pikco”

    • 03

      Launch of Mainnet

  • 2018

    • 10

      Sponsorship Agreement for “Running Man” Overseas Concerts

    • 09

      MoU Signing with German Blockchain Project “Daconomy”

      Listing of BAAS Token on Cryptocurrency Trading Platform “IDAX”

    • 05

      Signing of Alliance Consortium Agreement with Handysoft, Sejong Telecom and Korea Trade
      Information Communication

    • 01

      Listing of BaaS Token on Japanese Cryptocurrency Platform BITPoint APEC